How to Re-subscribe your Lost Contacts?

Every email marketing list in the world is infested with inactive and dormant subscribers. Such customers either delete the email without reading or leave the email as unread forever. Do marketers have a solution to this problem? One of the solution is to clean the mailing list using an email verifier, but the size of the mailing list will drastically reduce. Removing the inactive customers before trying to reengage them is a bad marketing tactic as acquiring new customers in the competitive world is difficult. You can try to re-subscribe the customers by sending emails and asking whether they want to remain in the mailing list or not. Send re-subscription message to customers who are inactive for more than six months.


Why re-subscription is essential?

You are sending out messages, which the customers are probably not finding interesting to read. They are probably unaware about the presence of your brand. Today, maybe only 50% of the customers are not responding, tomorrow maybe 100% of your subscribers will not respond.  Before, it becomes a reality, you need to change the marketing strategies to entice the customers. If your messages are not being read by the readers it may be because the messages are landing in the spam folder of the inbox without you knowing about it. Your active subscribers will never receive the messages leading to a failed email marketing campaign. Try to re-subscribe as many customers as possible to enhance your email marketing efforts.

How to re-subscribe the customers?

A re-subscribe message should be extremely simple and straightforward to the customers. The email message should encourage the subscribers either to leave or join the campaign back. The message you send should be creative, colorful and attractive, if you really want to bring the customers back to the email marketing campaign. Additionally, give a reason to the customers to re-subscribe to the campaign. When sending such messages, ensure to send a un-subscription link, so that the customers can easily opt out of the marketing campaign.

Send these messages and wait for the readers to take an action. If the customers are still inactive, remove them using email address verification.