How to Re-engage Inactive Customers?

According to a research, more than 25% of the email list decays every year. For many businesses, especially small brands, the rate of decay is simply unacceptable. The success of any email marketing campaign is dependent upon the quality of the marketing list. If the list is full of inactive and dormant customers, boosting the conversion rate will become negligible. Fortunately, for a business owner, there’s still hope to re-engage the customers and ensure email marketing is a huge success. You need to use email address verification on a regular basis to ensure dormant readers are no longer a part of the marketing campaign. Here are a few ways to re-engage the inactive customers.



Identify the inactive contacts

Identifying all the inactive subscribers is the first step to re-engage the customers. Choose a starting metrics wherein you decide the time period when the customer became an initial contact or converted. If the customer since then has not responded or read any of your messages, the reader is probably uninterested in your email communication. Moreover, you need to determine how long a contact should not respond to be declared as inactive. Likewise, determine the buying cycle of your brand to understand how frequently a customer makes a purchase. And, once your email list is in place, it is time to create an effective marketing campaign to re-engage the dormant readers. Offer freebie, discounts and promotional codes to such consumers.

Authentic email template

Customers are attracted towards templates that are crisp, clear and generates interest. Choose an email template carefully as a lot of customer re-engagement success depends upon the type of email template you select. Remember that different email re-engagement campaign will require a different email template. You need not put all your eggs in one shell. Likewise, remember to include a powerful call-to-action in a position where it is visible.

Even after the re-engagement campaign, if customers do not respond, it is better to carry out an email verifier on the mailing list and remove the inactive customers. Email validation is a great way to improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.