How to Prevent Spam Complaints

Even if you are a legitimate marketer, you will definitely face the issue of receiving abuse complaints from customers who are not interested in the marketing campaign.  If the customer complaints and abuse complaints continue to surge, you might even get blocked by the ISPs because of poor sender’s reputation. Building a sender’s reputation is difficult and you will really have to work extremely hard to regain the trust of the ISPs. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the plausible reasons behind a spam complaint and was to protect it.

Stale mailing list

As a marketer, you would have collected the emails, legitimately through a web opt-in form, but you forgot to contact the customer as soon after acquiring the email address. A subscriber will obviously not remember signing up for the process two years later. The mailing list becomes stale and the marketing campaign does not yield the desired results, instead you are permanently blocked from sending emails to the customers. Therefore, the leading way to overcome the problem of stale mailing list is using email verifier to clean the mailing list.


Purchased mailing list

A purchase mailing list is as disastrous as a stale mailing list. The list comprises of inactive and dormant email addresses. Many of the email addresses will be honey pots or spam bots. Either you need to take permission from the customer for sending emails or you need to use email address verification to get rid of the spam bots and honey pots. Never send emails to a customer, soon after purchasing the mailing list from a third party vendor.

Business cards

A plethora of people drop in their business card during business meets and for a lucky draw competition. Many marketers consider it as a legitimate marketing method, but in reality, the method is not legitimate because it does not give you the permission to send messages to such customers.

The leading way to avoid trouble is following the double-opt in procedure and sending communication to customers who are genuinely interested in the marketing campaign and communication.