How to Nurture a Purchased List?

Marketers around the world panic when they even think of buying an email list – the CAN SPAM law is strict and punishes companies who unnecessarily send messages. Creating a trustworthy email list is not easy because customers take time to build their trust on the readers. Again, the quantity is not important, quality of leads and customers on the list helps a business thrive. Purchasing a list is not a bad idea, if you focus validate email on a regular basis. Just like your body need cleaning, email list needs cleaning otherwise it will contain stale email addresses. Here are a few authentic ways to nurture your purchased list.

Focus on personalization

Taking a personalized approach, for example, “Dear (First name or last name of the customer), As a CEO of the company…” Using the first or the last name of the customer gives you the power to effectively convey your message because the readers know the message is meant for them. It captures the attention and encourages the reader to continue reading the message. However, before sending such messages scrub the email list using email address verifier to ensure zero hard bounce. Personalization plays an important role in deciding the success or failure of a purchased marketing list.

Avoid generic messages

Receiving generic messages is equal to a call from a 1-800 number, which customers usually mark as spam. Therefore, avoid sending the same message to everyone. Furthermore, if you have recently bought an email list, send messages to the list from an individual’s email id. Messages from [email protected] or [email protected] usually land in the spam folder. Every customer is unique and you need to send tailored messages to interact with your readers.

Send more than one email

If you want to send more than one email to customers who have not signed up for your campaign, customize the second email based on their interaction with the first one. Recipients who opened and clicked the initial email should receive a different message from those who did not respond to the first one.

Focus on cleaning the list regularly using email address validation.