How to Manage Deliverability and the Health of your Email List?

Today, emails are the fastest means of communicating with the target audience. Most of the marketers focus on open rate, click rate and the size of the list and forget about the delivery rate and deliverability. Both these terms are crucial when it comes to email marketing and indicate the potential threats to your marketing campaign. Additionally, marketers often overlook the health of the email list while increasing the open and click rate. You need to regularly clean the list using email address verification to reach the target audience. Here are a few things to keep in mind to improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

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Delivery vs Deliverability

Many marketers often confuse between these two semantic terms and fail to understand the thin line of difference. Delivery is how many emails are sent versus how many emails are accepted by the email service provider. Whereas deliverability is how many emails reach the inbox of the readers versus the emails that land in the spam folder. Measuring deliverability is costlier than delivery because of which many marketers overlook these statistics. Email deliverability should be a part of your email marketing campaign as it can impact numerous aspect of email marketing. However, scrub your list using verify email to reach the prospects.

Email list management

List management is the most essential part and new addresses should always be confirmed and organic. It’s extremely common for people to mistype their email addresses. Therefore, you need to focus on genuine methods to acquire the email addresses of the readers. A clean and healthy email list is the first sign of a successful campaign. Additionally, remember to include the unsubscribe link in every email, otherwise the readers will filter your messages as spam.

Email list cleaning

According to a research, an email list comprises of more than 20% stale addresses every year. Therefore, you need to clean the marketing list using email validation to reach the prospects. Remove the inactive, incorrect and dormant email addresses from the mailing list.

Maintaining the health of your email list is essential to target the prospects.