How to Grow your Email List?

Your email list is probably the most important aspect of your email marketing because it helps you connect with genuine subscribers. Although, many people think that spam filters have destroyed the potential effect of email marketing, the fact is that spam filters are used to protect the readers from unwanted email messages. Therefore, if you want to build a strong list, you need to stay at top-of-minds of the subscribers. And, you can easily expand your reach by growing an authentic and strong list. Focus on cleaning the list using email verifier to remain in touch with people who are genuinely interested in receiving information. Here are a few ways to growing of your email list.

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Ask customers to sign-up while making a purchase

Whenever your customers make an online purchase, it means that they are interested in your marketing campaign. Additionally, they’re likely to make a purchase. Such customers are a boon to your business and you need to collect their email address when they make a purchase. During the checkout process, offer a button that gives your permission to send newsletters to these readers. However, remember to place the button at a place where it’s conveniently visible. Sending permission based emails will help you engage the readers and the sender’s reputation will increase. Also, ensure to tell the readers that you’ll never spam their inbox with unwanted messages. Furthermore, remember to clean the marketing list using email address validation to remove the unwanted readers.

Offer freebies

Freebies and additional discounts help in grabbing the attention of the target readers. Encourage people to sign up by offering whitepaper, eBooks, promo codes, discount coupons and guides. However, ensure that whatever you offer is of high quality, otherwise the readers will turn away from your email marketing. The content you share depicts the quality of your brand and you cannot afford to create a negative first impression.

Deliver content that adds value

Customers that receive too many sales oriented messages are likely to hit the spam folder. You need to send content that is relevant and adds value to the readers. Remember that for every 4 valued added messages you send, you can send one promotional email message.

Focus on using email validation to build trust.