How to Create an Email List Using Social Media?

Email marketing is a popular means of reaching and attracting the target audience. Even with influences like social media, email is still the most effective forms of communication. And, without an email list reaching the target readers is next to impossible. You can leverage the advantage of social media to build a strong email marketing list. Furthermore, you can improve the quality of your list using social media. Focus on using email address verification to clean the list on a regular basis. Here are a few ways of leveraging the effectiveness of social media.


Reach personal email via Facebook

Most of the people are unaware that default emails of their Facebook account reach the primary email address. But, you can share your signup forms on your Facebook and ensure that readers leave their email address. Signup forms are a great way to gather the email address. You can actually grow a strong list. Moreover, you can leverage the feature of the default emails and just type This might not work well because readers can filter your messages as spam. Therefore, focus on creating content that attracts the attention of the reader. However, remember to use email verifier on a regular basis.

Verify your email list

It’s an unfortunate fact that many email marketers provide their fake email addresses. Not only those email addresses waste your time, but eventually lead to many bounces. And, a high bounce rate drastically affects the email deliverability. Low email deliverability is extremely harmful for your business. You need to clean the marketing list once in a while to avoid inactive, wrong and dormant email addresses. When such readers are a part of your list, you end-up incurring opportunity cost, which will not help your business in any way.

Hold contests

Contests are a great way to build a large customer base as it helps in engaging the readers on Facebook and Twitter. Through the contest, you can collect emails of the plethora of audience, without worrying about whether the emails are fake or not.

Therefore, focus on using email validation to build a strong email list.