How to Convert your Readers into Email Subscribers?

In the age where social media and information technology is highly dominant, email is the most effective medium to generate revenue and better than any other marketing platform. Your email marketing list is arguably an asset for your organization and you need to maintain it to keep the customers coming up to your brand. With email, you own your relationship with the readers as you can communicate on an intimate level with the organization. Marketers find it difficult to connect with the target audience, but with the following methods, you can easily convert your readers to subscribers. However, remember to clean the list using verify email on a regular basis.

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Place the signup form tactically

Opt-in forms are definitely a great way to generate leads, but too many forms on your blog can surely turn away the readers. A good marketer, never places a form arbitrarily and scattered on the blog. Instead, marketers make the opt-in form easily available and visible without distracting the customer from the main article. You can place your form on the header of your page or the footer of your article. If the readers really love your content, you can place the form in the middle of the article, which is completely relevant to your article. And, when subscribers agree to share their email addresses, remember to clean the marketing list using email address verification.

Use pop-ups

Pop-ups are considered more aggressive than the traditional opt-in forms because they simple pop-up whenever a customer visits your website. When leveraging the effectiveness of pop-ups, you need to offer something that really works for a majority of your audience. Forcing the customers to signup for your newsletter is not going to work as you’ll sooner or later be filtered as spam by the reader. Therefore, offer free content that appeals to your audience. Rotate the offers to attract more customers to your newsletter. Pop-ups can definitely help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and help in growing a strong marketing list.

Remember to use email validation to ensure a clean marketing list.