How to Clean your Email Marketing List

Every email marketer wants to succeed in email marketing because it is one of the leading platforms to send your message to the prospects. Without, email address verification achieving success in impossible because a healthy and well-maintained list works as a strong foundation. However, every email list depreciates by a huge number every year due to email unsubscribes, address changes and bounces. And, if you are incapable of acquiring customers at a rate at which your email list depreciates, your business is likely to get affected. Here are a few ways of cleaning the marketing list.


Identify the inactive subscribers

Inactive subscribers tend to lower the reputation and open rate because these customers have not interacted or opened your messages in a very long time. Such subscribers may not be interested in your brand and no longer require your products or they may have opted in to receive one time offer. Keeping such customers in your marketing list is a waste of time because you will never generate revenue. However, spotting such customers is a tough task because your content does not resonate with the prospects. You need to segment the readers and send more targeted content. However, use email verifier on a regular basis to identify inactive and dormant subscribers. Before removing such customers, try running a reactivation campaign to provide a second chance of engagement. If still these readers do not open, let these customers go.

Send special promo code

You are choosing which customers to keep and discard from the mailing list, when you are focusing on list cleanup. Spark some joy by providing interesting, relevant content and delighting the readers. Show some attention to the readers if you want to build a strong customer base. Offer special promo codes and discounts to the readers. Additionally, send helpful tips and hacks for using your product and services. For better understanding, send feedback surveys to the customers and incorporate changes according to the feedback received. Reward customers who have previously made a purchase.

Use email validation on a regular basis to clean the mailing list.