How to Clean your Email List for Improving Deliverability?

Email addresses that were once good, decay with time because customers change their jobs, ISPs and even their email name. Plus there is a garden full of duplicate records filled by people who click the signup form too many times. Triggering emails to such customers will lower the deliverability rate because either the messages will bounce or will be filtered spam by the readers. Maintaining a healthy email list is essential to win the trust of the readers. Focus on using email address verification to clean the marketing list.


Hire an email verification service

If your list is showing deliverability issues, it’s best to hire a third party vendor to thoroughly clean the marketing list. These services will remove the spambots, duplicate, inactive and wrong email addresses, which will improve the deliverability rate. A low deliverability rate means that your messages are not reaching the inbox of the readers. It leads to low open and click-through rate. A vicious circle is formed and you need to break it by using validate email on a regular basis. Knocking on the inbox of the readers is essential to increase engagement and win their trust.

Re-engage customers

Never remove the inactive customers permanently from the email list. Instead, send a reactivation campaign offering lucrative discounts to such customers. When customers re-engage with your brand, it definitely results in sales because you have managed to attract the readers to your product. However, send relevant and creative messages to people who have stopped responding to your messages. Send a ‘we miss you’ email to let the customer know you value their presence. If still the customer doesn’t respond, you can remove them from the marketing list. Moreover, there is no point keeping an email addresses, which you know will never interact again with your brand.

Monitor your metrics

Monitoring the metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, etc. will help you understand the success of your email marketing campaign. Therefore, track the results to tweak changes in the campaign when necessary.

Furthermore, use email list cleaning software to maintain a hygienic list.