How to Use Twitter and Facebook to Build your Email List?

Building a strong and authentic email list is the goal of every business, whether it’s the ecommerce store, industry blog or a brick-and-mortar store. According to a survey, more than 23% of the sales usually occur because of email marketing. Your email list becomes an increasing valuable tool, especially if you’re planning to build a strong customer relationship. However, clean the marketing list using email address verification to scrub the malicious email addresses and improve the delivery rate. Here are a few ways to build your marketing list using Twitter and Facebook.

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Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook leads ads allow the marketer to capture the information of the readers without having them to fill out a form. Recently, Facebook has made the process of lead generation extremely simple for both marketers and customers. You need to show your ad to the users, and if the customers are interested in your ad, they simply click the call to action to bring up a form that is already prefilled with their personal information. Customers can review the information, make the desired changes and click the submit button. The autofill form, makes the sign up process extremely easy and you can build a strong mailing list. With the Facebook lead ads, customer can reach you easily and provide accurate information so that you can reach back at any point of time. However, the clean the mailing list created using verify email to ensure high engagement rate.

You can easily customize these leads ads and capture information that is useful for your business. Facebook has made the sign up process extremely simple and growing your email list has become extremely simple.

Twitter Lead Gen Cards

Twitter can help you generate qualified leads at a lower cost. And, Twitter lead gen cards are a totally new type of card that allows marketers to collect leads directly within the tweet. Customers don’t have to fill any form because information like (name and email addresses) because their information is pulled into your cards. They simply have to click ‘Submit’ on the card’s call-to-action.

Whatever may be your method of customer acquisition, focus on using email validation to increase your customer base.