How to Build an Opt-in Email List

Growing an opt-in email list using a legitimate customer acquisition method is a great way to increase the customer base and engage the customers. You will not deny the fact that as a marketer, you will need people to email and the faster you acquire genuine customers, the better it will be for the business. In a hurry to become successful in the online marketing world, many business owners buy or purchase a mailing list from a third party vendor, which proves to a disaster for the marketing campaign. The inbound marketing campaign will definitely suffer drastically. Therefore, always use the opt-in method to engage and connect with the prospects.


Create assets which people are unable to resist

Whitepaper, eBooks and webinars are long term assets, which people are unable to resist and willingly sign up for receiving newsletters and other relevant information. You need to put in a lot of hard work to create interesting and captivating content assets and strategically place them on the landing pages. A wide variety of content will attract people from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a large customer base of loyal people. Therefore, focus on delivering value or delivery meaningless content for the sake of sending messages.

Use useful tools

Your mailing list may comprise of customers who are inactive and dormant, removing such people from the mailing list is essential as it will lead to spam complaints. Therefore, use tools such as email address verification and email verifier to reduce the hard bounce rates and customer complaints. These tools will ensure that the mailing list comprises of people genuinely interested in the marketing campaign. And, sending newsletters to such customers will increase the word of mouth publicity and increase the opt-in mailing list. Remember to use these tools on a regular basis to clean the mailing list.

Run creative marketing campaign

A call-to-action in the email marketing campaign will help you contact customers and if you run creative marketing campaigns, then customers are likely to share helpful emails to their friends and colleagues, thereby increasing the mailing database.