How Image Blocking Affects Your Business?

Today, apart from email deliverability issues, one problem which a plethora of marketers faces across the globe is image blocking. Due the customer’s default setting the images are blocked. Due to image blocking, the email is unable to effectively convey the message, and it fails in resonating with the audience. Therefore, if marketers want to increase their reach, it’s crucial to have a plan in place for image off viewing. Image blocking affects the new customers, and it spoils your first impression in front of them. Your customers might filter your messages as spam because of non-display of images, which makes the email less interpretable. Focus on cleaning the marketing list using email verification tools to ensure customers don’t filter your messages as spam.

How Image Blocking Affects Your Business? – Email Verification Tools

1) Use bulletproof buttons

The design and copy of your email design play a crucial role in determining the customer interaction. But, it’s the CTA that puts the ball in your court. Your CTAs should be visible even if the images are not displaying. You don’t have to take extra care for image-based buttons – they get blocked with the images. It prohibits the customer from taking any action on the email. While you can use text links for CTA, bulletproof buttons will help you pitch your brand to the customers. These buttons comprise of a live text combined with background colors and match the style of the image-based buttons. Prefer bulletproof buttons over the image-based button and reach the inbox of the customers. Furthermore, as an extra precautionary method, focus on list verification using email verification tools.

2) Strike a balance between image and text

While certain sectors like e-commerce and retail advocate use of images to maintain their style statement, it’s advisable to keep a balance between the image and text ratio. Image intensive emails never consider the file size is leaving a Smartphone user frustrated.  Therefore, ditch 100% image-based messages and focus on using an appropriate mixture of text and images. It makes your emails legible, eliminate the potential spam issues and help in creating a successful email campaign.

3) Use ALT text

ALT text is the leading way to deal with clients who block images in the email. It’s a fantastic way to provide text to customers who disable images. Furthermore, the ALT text makes your messages accessible to visually impaired customers who use screen readers to interact with your brand. And, adding ALT text to every image hardly takes a few seconds. Apart from improving the email accessibility, ALT text helps in maintaining branding and adds fun to the way images are viewed.

With customers choosing to block images, avoiding image blocking in email is impossible. It’s up to you to make your email stand out of the crowd irrespective of whether the images are displaying or not. Using techniques like bulletproof buttons and ALT text, you can make an impact and reach the inbox. But, you need to focus on list verification using email verification tools to urge customers not to block images from your brand.