How Email Validation will Help Reengage Sleepy Subscribers

As an email marketer, you will be shocked to know that you are losing out on 25% of the mailing list year. The primary reason behind losing out the customers is that people either lose interest in your business or unsubscribe from the mailing list. Losing out potential customers is not a healthy sign for an email marketing campaign because it affects the marketing parameters, which in turn decides the sender’s score. A low sender’s score will lead to low deliverability thereby ruining the efforts. Email validation will help you remove the customers who are not engaged, but before removing them permanently from the mailing list, you can try to reengage the sleepy subscribers for one last time.

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1. Identify the dormant customers

There is no single reason why customers are inactive and it’s very difficult to define inactivity fitting every business model. According to the rule of thumb, customers not responding to the marketing activities for 3-6 months are considered inactive. Therefore, from the marketing results, search for customers who are inactive for a long time and segment such customers in the different marketing list. Segmenting in different list is essential because not all the people will have a single reason for leaving the campaign. Additionally, before sending reengagement campaign, email address validation should be done because you never know when a customer has changed their email address. And, you will not want to receive a hard bounce when triggering reengagement mails to the sleepy customers.

2. Send the reengagement campaign

You can send the following types of reengagement mails to the potential customers.

Email feedback survey: Through this survey you will understand all the plausible reason for a customer becoming inactive. You can take the next step accordingly.

Offer incentives: Offer freebies and one time promotional offers to customers who are inactive. This usually works for marketers and they are able to regain the trust of the prospects again. However, ensure that the offer is in-line with their purchase history.

Be emotional: Tell the prospects, how much you miss them and it can strike the cord.