How Email Validation Will Help Increase Customer Engagement

Most of the email marketing calendars are planned months in advance and if still the campaigns are not performing as per your expectation, you have no one to blame. Bringing back life to your marketing campaign is possible only when the customer engagement rate is on a higher side. Subscribers today are in a rush to clean their inbox and in a hurry end up deleting some useful messages. And, to retain your subscribers, you have to implement a customer engagement tactic. When customers like the content, the probability of leaving the marketing campaign reduces. Email address verification can help to enhance the engagement rate by getting rid of dormant and inactive subscribers. Here are a few ways to increase user engagement.


Permission is not evergreen

Before sending messages to the target audience, it is essential to build a permission based mailing list. However, before starting check the shelf life of the list because most email list decay every year and customers who have given permission six months back may not be interested in your brand anymore. Avoid using email list which has not been consistently used in the past 12 months because it reduces the deliverability and engagement. Low open rates and high complaint rates negatively affect the engagement rate and your sender’s reputation is lowered. Email validation will increase the engagement rate by reducing the complaint rates and increasing the open rates. However, remember to clean the mailing list on a regular basis.

Monitor and maintain

Closely monitor the reasons for a customer leaving your marketing campaign as you can easily rectify the loopholes. Consider your email list as an investment, which will reap results in the coming years, but it definitely requires some maintenance and a lot of patience. An upward swing in the complaints with a new upload can indicate that your web form is not according to your business goals. And, a high bounce rate from an invalid email addresses can mean an attack by spambots. The key here is to monitor the results and use email verifier whenever necessary.