How Email Validation Affects the Marketing Statistics

Be it finance or marketing, numbers play an important role. From the casinos in Las Vegas to the stock market numbers, statistics play an important role in deciding the next course of action. And, email marketing is no different as the marketing numbers tell whether the campaign is successful or a disaster. Based upon the marketing statistics, you can change the email marketing campaign to attract more customers to the email newsletter. Through customizable email templates, you can effectively ensure customers want to hear from your brand. You will also be shocked to know that email address verification helps a great deal in increasing the email marketing statistics.


Deliverability is enhanced

A mailing list is usually full of inactive and dormant email addresses, which leads to both a hard bounce and soft bounce. And, a high bounce rate indicates a lower sender’s reputation. A majority of the deliverability decisions by the ESPs is taken based upon the sender’s score. Therefore, maintaining the score is essential, otherwise the deliverability rates will drastically reduce. Cleaning the mailing list using email verifier on a regular basis will help to curb this problem very easily. You can reach the hearts of the customer only when you are able to reach the inbox. Therefore, scrub the mailing list regularly to remove unwanted email addresses.

Open and click-through rates are enhanced

Cleaning the list using email address verification will help you reach out to the prospects easily. When the list is comprised of customers who are genuinely interested in receiving newsletters from you, the open rates will surely increase. And, if you are able to engage the customers with fresh and unique content, the click-through rates will also rise. The CTR gives you a fair amount of idea of how well your mails performing. A low CTR will tell you that the overall performance of the marketing campaign is low and accordingly you can take corrective steps to rectify the mistakes in the email marketing campaign.

Email validation is used widely to improve the marketing statistics and rope in new customers on a daily basis.