How can E-Commerce Companies Accelerate the growth of their Email List?

Growing an email list requires a considerable amount of time and investment. And, it’s not achievable in a week or a month. You need to strive and work hard to rope new customers. If you already have a huge email list, scaling it becomes a cakewalk because your variable cost is negligible. And, you have customers who are always coming back to your brand. Having customers in the sales funnel works as a motivational factor to grow the customer. For e-commerce, irrespective of the acquisition method, you need to verify email address online to stop malicious email addresses from creating marketing havoc. The more you focus on email best practices, the more quickly your list will grow.

How can E-commerce Companies Accelerate the growth of their Email List? - Verify Email Address Online

Here are a few ways to enrich the customer’s journey and convert the prospects into long-term customers.

1) Offer mind-blowing giveaway

One cost-effective way to attract hundreds of customers to your email campaign is hosting a giveaway on a large scale. Amplify the reach of the giveaway by taking help from influencers and posting the information on social media. If you’re contacting people who are unaware of your offerings, include a complementary product to pique the interest of the customers. However, add a popular product as complementary and broaden your appeal. Simply create a flyer, design a landing page and route the web traffic to these links where you can collect the email addresses of the customers. Also, giveaways provide great momentum to your marketing efforts.

Incentivize customers who share your flyers and landing pages with their friends and family members. Don’t complicate the email campaign otherwise, the purpose of hosting a giveaway will be defeated. Furthermore, verify email address online to reach the inbox of the customers. Always remember that creating a successful giveaway is not a rocket science.

2) Irresistible offers

If you’re creating a new list, never start by offering discounts because customers will sign up just to avail the offers. You can train the readers to wait for discount and offers. Starting with offers is more of sales hunting and you acquire customers will lifetime value. Chances are that the customers unsubscribe from the mailing list after availing the offer. Free tee shirts usually attract the maximum traffic because the perceived customer value of a t-shirt is high. Therefore, before sending any offers to the new customers, understand their requirements and send tailor-made offers. A customer will look up to your brand if you can nail their requirements. These offers will increase brand awareness and help you build an authentic mailing list

In the end…

If you treat the email recipients right, they’re more likely to buy from your brand again and again. The trick here is creating an enriching first purchase experience and watch them become an asset to your company. Stick to the marketing basics and ensure you treat every customer uniquely. In the end, always verify email address online to touch base with customers who want to hear from your end. Use these tactics to explode your e-commerce email list and increase the revenue.