Growing Marketing List Using Email Explainer Videos

Even today, more than 13% of the online sales results from email marketing and on the other hand, social media accounts for just 1% of the all the online sales. Email is definitely bigger than any other marketing platform. However, the throttling trouble faced by every marketer is their inability to grow the marketing list and keep the mailing list free from inactive and dormant customers. Email addresses no longer used by the customers either become dormant or inactive and when communication is triggered, it results in soft and hard bounces. A high bounce rate deteriorates the marketing efforts by bringing down the sender’s reputation. Email verifier will help you clean the marketing list sparkling clean and you can use explainer videos to grow the mailing list. Explainer videos are great to improve the conversion rate.


Use promotional offers to attract customers

Merely watching the video will not turn prospects into real time customers. Everyone loves something free, offer a free item such an eBook or case study. And, when the viewer download the free items, you can ask for their email address. This way you will be able to build a large user base of customers and increase the mailing list. Additionally, according to a research one minute of a video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Therefore, the promotional offers should be good enough to attract customers. The promotional offers work like a magnet and customers are attracted to make a purchase.

Use call-to-action

An explainer video without a call-to-action button is futile. Therefore, include a short message or call-to-action button inside the video. With this you can easily direct all your viewers to the email marketing campaign. Remember that before the customer signup for the process, you have clearly indicated the type and frequency of the content, the customer can expect. This will reduce the spam rates and the marketing list will comprise of authentic and genuine customers. You can use email address verification to cross-verify whether the mailing list is clean or not.

Grow your business with explainer video and nurture it using email validation.