Focus on Real Customers with Email Validation

With the ISPs keeping a vigilant eye on the incoming and outgoing messages, it becomes extremely difficult to attract potential customers and ensure that the marketing campaign reaches out to the large audience. Under such a scenario the best available option is to use email verifier or verify email as it will help you target only genuine customers and all the wrong or invalid email addresses will go in the trash can as you will permanently get rid of those addresses.


How to invalid email addresses and spam traps get on my list?

The email ISPs work the same way as the search engine who are always updating their algorithm to catch practitioners who try to violate their set standards. In the same way, ISPs are always on a lookout for senders who follow unethical email tactics to reach out to a large user base. The shortcut in email marketing is buying a list from a service provider and blindly triggering emails to the customer. The path is easy, but the deliverability rates will get affected badly because the ISPs have email addresses which are known as spam traps already embedded in the mailing list. Once an email is sent to such an address, the ISPs becomes extremely vigilant and the whole email marketing campaign is lost in trying to improve the sender’s reputation. Therefore, it is advisable to use email address validation to overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings and ensure that only the right customers are contacted.

How will email validation detect the traps?

ISPs usually creates a spam trap using a recycled email address and any mails triggered to such an email address results in a hard bounce. The email verification companies utilize this data for your benefit and analyze the existing email addresses to find a pattern in the recycled spam traps created by the ISP. Once an address is identified as a hard bounce, it is removed from the list permanently. Moreover, these software can easily predict the likelihood that the email address will be opened by a customer, thereby increasing the deliverability rates and the click-through rates.