Expert Tips to Improve Email Deliverability

Many a times customer questions as to why emails reach their spam folder or are blocked by the ISPs. There could be several reasons, but it happens primarily because marketers consider email deliverability insignificant. Keep an eye on the email list with email address verification is a great way of enhancing the deliverability rates. For marketers, it is essential to maintain a healthy sender’s score as it helps increase the inbox placement and creates a positive image in front of the ISPs. Here are a few chosen tips from experts to improve the overall email deliverability.



Quality of newsletter

Never send email messages where image size exceeds the size of the text because ISPs use it as a filter to remove the spammy messages reaching the inbox of the readers. Additionally, keep the size of your attachments below 1Mb to ensure inbox placement. Avoid using the CAPS letter, as it triggers the spam filters. Try not to send messages with too short or too long subject lines as it irritates the readers and make the ISPs extremely vigilant. Broken links in your newsletter is the worst thing as your messages will be thrown directly to the spam folder. Check each and every link you insert in the newsletter to avoid alerting the internet service providers.

Clean your list

Email validation is the leading way to improve email deliverability as when the list is clean, you send messages to readers who are genuinely interested in receiving information from your end. Keep the list clean using verify email to eliminate inactive and dormant email addresses because every email list on an average decays at an accelerating rate. Additionally, try not sending too many messages, especially when you are receiving too many complaints from your readers. Send less, but send relevant content to your readers to keep them engaged for a long time.

Sender’s reputation

Improve your sender’s reputation by segmenting your contacts and remove readers who rarely open their email messages. Instead, send re-engagement campaigns to people who have not read your messages in the past few days.

Email validation will help you achieve success and improve your sender’s deliverability.