Essential Sign up Strategies to Build you Email List

Building an engaged and authentic email list is the most profitable investment in the long term. And, when email marketing is more than 40 times more powerful than other marketing platforms, you definitely need to focus on building a sizeable marketing list. However, many marketers often struggle to get the visitors sign up for their newsletter. Without customer who are interested in your offering, nurturing long term relationships would be difficult. However, clean the list using email address validation on a regular basis. Here are a few sign up strategies to build a clean list.

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Carrot content

Carrot content also called as lead magnets to bribe the subscribers provides immediate value to the customer. The free content can be industry report, webinars, white papers, or discounts. The ultimate goal for opt-in is to attract the readers, provide valuable content and make their life simpler by solving their problems. Focus on the payoff for your subscribers to build a strong email marketing list. Identify the highest converting traffic source for each piece of content and offer similar freebies to engage the target readers. Remember to use verify email to reach out to the target audience.

Two step opt-in

Marketers usually follow the single opt-in process with the fear of losing customers. Double opt-in ensures that readers who are interested remains as an essential part of your email list. Additionally, never add too many steps in the sign up process as it discourages the readers to click the CTA. Double opt-in create more engaged and qualified readers. According to a research, more than 90% of the readers provide false emails and name to reap a one-time benefit. Moreover, the emails sent to a double opt-in subscriber is twice as the single opt-in process.

End of post forms

End of post forms caters to the actual readers because the form is visible when they have completely read the content. You need to strike when the iron is hot and with the end of post forms, you can effectively gather their email addresses.

Focus on using email validation to maintain a hygienic email list.