Essential Guide to Cleaning your Marketing List

What would you do, if someone told that you can reduce the bounce rate and increase the customer engagement? Would you go through the process? Obviously you will! Email marketers are tired of high bounce rate and irrespective of the amount of hardwork they put in, the result is the same. You need to clean the marketing list using email address verification to remove the outdated and dormant email addresses. Furthermore, there is no need to waste time and money on people who wish to interact with your brand. Read on ahead to explore some of the essential aspects of maintaining and cleaning an email list.


Check the list for spelling errors

Many times, email bounce occurs because there exists a spelling error in the email address. A simple spelling mistake during the acquisition phase can significantly increase the bounce rate, which will affect the deliverability rate of the messages. You need a hawk’s eye to spot the mistakes and ensure that no mistakes are present. Some of the common errors include, a missing dot and mistyped symbol. Therefore, use validate email to check the authenticity of emails acquired during the initial phase.

Remove distribution email addresses

Certain email addresses like [email protected] and [email protected] are meant for outgoing mails rather than incoming. You definitely don’t want to the messages to reach an inbox, which is never checked. It’s best to permanently delete these subscribers as it will affect your important marketing statistics. Why waste time on something that will never reap results?

Remove inactive subscribers

Many marketers try to win back the trust of inactive subscribers, but never remove them even after a failed attempt. Focus on statistics such as the last time a user opened or clicked your email. With data like this, you needn’t send messages or reactivation campaign to people who have not interacted in years.

Keeping a list clean is crucial to ensure that messages land to those subscribers who truly matter to your campaign. Therefore, scrub the list using email list cleaning software.