Essential Guide to Cleaning the List this Valentine’s Day

On an average the email marketing list becomes outdated every month irrespective of type of acquisition method you are using. Eventually, the list will comprise of out of date and fake email addresses, customers who are no longer interested in receiving information. These aspects are dangerous as old subscribers who fin the content irrelevant are likely to filter the email messages as spam. If a good number of subscribers are filtering the message as spam, the messages will automatically land in the spam folder of the customers who are interested. Fixing the issue related to the marketing list is essential. You can clean the mailing list regularly using email address validation.


Remove subscribers who did not opt-in

For marketers, there are several ways to acquire an email address of a reader, but one of the leading and ethical way to acquire the email address is by personal opt in. You will face a lot of problems when the email list is purchased from a third party vendor. Even if the email address is correct and authentic, the readers will filter the message as spam because they do not remember to sign up for receiving the newsletter. Opt for the double opt-in process to ensure that you have permission to send messages to the readers.

Remove the distribution email addresses

Certain email addresses are designed for sending messages and not for receiving any communication. Outgoing is possible, but incoming is restricted. Sending mails to such addresses is a waste of time because no one will be checking the inbox. Email addresses such as [email protected] and [email protected] are such distribution email addresses. Therefore, as soon as possible, remove or delete such addresses from the mailing list permanently. They are easy to spot and do not consume much of your time. Additionally, use verify email to spot these addresses easily.

Delete the unsubscribed users

Check the last date when a particular opened and read your message to decide whether the reader is active or inactive. There is no point sending messages to readers who have not interacted in the past few years.

Email validation will surely help you maintain a healthy marketing list.