Essential Best Practices for Email Validation Success

No marketer has ever achieved a cent percent open rate because of the reasons known to everyone. When a reader provides you with their email address, you enter into a contract. Customers share their personal information because they trust that you will share useful and meaningful content with the readers. Sending subpar messages is a breach of that trust and can hamper the relationship with the readers. Follow up email messages, coupon notifications and abandoned cart emails are a great way to turn one-time readers into potential customers. Remember to clean the email list using email address verification to remove inactive customers. Here are a few ways to taste success in email validation.

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Grow your email list

Many marketers simply throw away a signup form on their homepage and think that they have done enough, but they need to promote it.  Offer a deal in exchange to their email address to substantially grow your email list. Additionally, draw attention to the sign up page by using a creative copy with catchy headlines. People on your email list should be excited to receive information from your end. Only when customers eagerly wait for your newsletter, you’re successful in building a strong marketing list. However, remember to use email verifier on a regular basis to remove the dormant accounts.

Specialized landing pages

If your email links to your home page instead of a specialized landing page, you’re wasting your time and money on email marketing. And, customers will sooner or later unsubscribe from your newsletter. Therefore, you need to ensure that the email links to specific products and services according to the content of your email. Retaining customers in email marketing is a task, you need to practice out of the box strategies to engage the readers for a long time.


An average person receives more than 120 messages per day, so you need to find a way to stand away from the crowd. Personalization is a great way to attract potential readers to your website and build a strong email list.

Email validation is a great way to reach out to the potential readers.