Email verification is growing in popularity

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Despite social media email marketing are booming

In a little over 2 years email marketing has grown with almost 30% a remarkable achievement in the face of the dramatic growth of social media. It seems that the down to earth benefits of simple effective internet are still a very popular marketing tool. However, the tools which are used to track the effectiveness of email and to verify to integrity of those emails have transformed this industry and have allowed marketers and other businesses to more effectively gauge the success of their email campaigns and to improvise where necessary. We all know that marketing campaigns are expensive and to market indiscriminately just for the sake of marketing is not the way to do such things any longer and especially now that tools are available for email verification and to measure the success of campaigns very accurately.

Advanced smartphone technologies

New generation smartphones have definitely helped to boost the popularity of email since such emails can be both received and send on these smartphones and therefore smartphone owners are always in reach. Then there are also the approach of email search engines like Google and others who have themselves also taken great strides in implementing new technologies to make emails more attractive on smartphones. Between Google and Outlook who are representing almost 40 % of the email market and the steps taken between them has significantly improved email usage on smartphones. The verification of your email list is very important and will have a definite bearing on the effectiveness of your campaign.

Frequently review your email list

Even a one or two percent error rate in your email list can convert to a very large number of wasted emails depending on how large your email list is. Even in a group of 5000 it could mean as many as 50 emails is useless and a total waste of time. Especially if those people are also on your mailing list and are regularly receiving brochure and other material in the mail such a waste could be very costly. Therefore verifying the integrity of your email list regularly makes sense since it will ensure that there are no useless emails on your list.

Ensuring that your emails are not reduced to spam

A very large portion of especially business related emails are marked as spam by search engines and therefore they go straight into the spam folders of email addresses. Such spam is often deleted directly by recipients because of fear for viruses and other attacks. Once again if 2% of your sent email is marked as spam it could have a considerable impact on the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to the structure and word use in your emails. Many of the catchy words which are used by marketers in attempts to get people’s attention are certain to get your email marked as spam. Making use of a professional email verification service has proven to be the best option for most people since these people has learned from experience which things work and which things does not.