Email Verification API – A Critical Factor in Deciding the Success of Email Marketing

Even today, consumers and businesses rely heavily on email for information. And, with the increasing adoption of email marketing, the marketing platform is the priority for companies looking to leave an impact. Despite the creation of mind-blowing strategies, a plethora of marketers fails to include email verification API in their strategy. As a result, dead-end emails and inactive emails clog up the marketing list. The clogging chokes the marketing campaign because marketers end-up wasting their precious time and money on customers who no longer exist. And, once messages are triggered, the email bounces back, which affects the sender’s reputation and lowers the email deliverability. Furthermore, marketers need to focus on email validation to overcome issues to improve open rate, unsubscribe rate and spam rate.

Email Verification API – A Critical Factor in Deciding the Success of Email Marketing

1) Ask your customers

If you’re constantly witnessing a low engagement rate, it’s time you dig deep into the statistics. You might be observing a low engagement rate because customer’s are not receiving your emails or they don’t care about your content, or they’re not enjoying your newsletter. If your customers are not feeling compelled to take action on your emails, you need to ask the customers directly. You can jumpstart engagement by asking the recipients to answer a small questionnaire. The answers will help you find the actual issue, and you can tweak changes in the marketing campaign. Furthermore, request customers to share genuine feedback on a campaign and enquire about their communication preferences. The input that your customers will share is more enriching and accurate than any marketing metrics.

2) Get serious about list verification

email verification API is the answer to the epidemic of inaccurate email addresses which floods your marketing list. List cleaning will step in at the right time and help you maintain a healthy relationship with the current subscribers. When you manage a hygienic email list, you automatically save money, improve ROI and realize your marketing goals. Furthermore, an inaccurate email list will not provide actionable data insights, which you can leverage to gain the trust of the target audience.

3) Request another opt-in

There is no harm in asking customers to opt-in if you’re witnessing a constantly declining marketing metrics. However, don’t ask the engaged subscribers to opt-in again. Otherwise, you might lose them. Do yourself justice by asking the less engaged subscribers to take action on the opt-in campaign. Remove the customers who don’t respond to the campaign. There is no point keeping customers on the list when you know you’re wasting time.

4) Enhance your reputation

When your email bounce rate increases, your business becomes vulnerable because the email providers will start banning your services. And, you will hate the tag of ‘spammer.’ Therefore, email verification API can go a long way in maintaining your status as a trustworthy and reputable brand.

5) Provide the unsubscribe link

When customers cannot locate the unsubscribe link, they’re more likely to filter your messages as spam. Therefore, to avoid such a scenario, remember to place the unsubscribe link where it’s prominently visible to the customer.