Email Validation Tips for 2016

Even in 2016, email validation will continue to grow and will become a useful tool in the coming future. A marketing list full of old and stale email addresses will only attract penalties and lower the sender’s reputation. Unless the email communication reaches the inbox of the target customers, the marketing efforts are incomplete. And, to reach the inbox, the deliverability rates should be high. Email address verification removes the unwanted email addresses and ensure that the probability of filtering the messages as spam is as low as possible. Hitting the spam traps is the worst fear of any email marketer. Here are a few email verifier tips to follow in 2016.


Grow the list

A large list might not deliver the intended results because the marketing list will comprise of some customers who are not interested in the marketing campaign because the email address would have been acquired through ill legitimate ways. You need to include a website pop-up wherein the customer can easily fill their details. Engaging the readers and ensuring they click the fill up form is essential to grow an authentic email list. Additionally, focus on building a quality list. A marketing list comprising of thousands of irrelevant email addresses will only lower the open rates and reduce the deliverability of the campaign.

Track the statistics

Today, the analytics system is extremely robust and you can easily track the marketing statistics and determine the success of the email marketing campaign. Statistics play an important role in deciding the marketing strategy for the upcoming campaign. If the open rates are low, you should increase the frequency of cleaning the list on a regular basis. Regularly track the marketing figures and tweak the marketing campaign accordingly.

Clean the list

Regularly cleaning the email list in thing you definitely need to adhere in 2016. Customers regularly change their email addresses and fail to update it with companies. A marketer has to bear its effect because the message to such customers result in hard bounces.

Email validation will go hand in hand with email marketing in 2016.