Email Validation: Selecting a Vendor

Selecting a vendor for the email verification process is essential as a lot depends on the capabilities of the vendor. Today, email address validation  has become an integral part of the email marketing campaign and it helps to remove customers who are inactive and dormant. Follow the given below process before hiring a vendor specialist.

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1. Credibility and data security

You might think that selecting a small email validation company will be an easy process and it will not take more than a day. However, the truth on the reverse side is completely different. Finding a credible vendor fulfilling all the requirement is essential. Additionally, you can look out for credible sources and referrals on google and make a choice depending upon the reviews received from the customer. However, before making a final choice consider the importance of privacy, data security, global presence and the types of other services provided by the vendor. You will be entrusting someone else’s data, so security should be the prime concern. Ask the vendor as many questions as you can and only then make a final decision.

2. Verify Before Selecting

Different vendors have different methods of selection and based on what method your business is going to follow select the verify email vendor. For example, some vendors offer both API and batch verification whereas some vendors offer only API verification. Decide on the method you intend to use in the marketing, test it on a batch file and select the company accordingly. Verification is essential as it will help you choose only the best.

3. Reasonable Scalability

You ask the vendor to run a test on 5000 to 10000 records and validate their potential to effectively run the email marketing campaign and build a long term relationship. Additionally, if you ask for an unreasonably high batch will automatically eliminate less reputable customers. The final decision making process will become easy and you select the best vendor out of the whole lot.

Email verification is an integral part of the marketing campaign, you need to know how to utilize it effectively.