Email Validation Role in the Communication Mix

Today, the modes of communication has increased from direct mailing, to websites, to social networking. An organization can communicate with the customer using with any of the modes. However, email is the only mode of communication providing the highest ROI and reaches the audience in an effective manner. Email will surely help you build a customer base you desired and the returns will be unbelievable. Email is just a mode of communication, what makes email marketing effective is email address verification. It eliminates dormant and inactive email addresses ensuring a hassle free communication with the intended target audience. A clean mailing list is the mirror of a campaign performance because a mailing list full of bad email addresses will only lead to a high spam or bounce rate.


Reaches new people

The ISP will allow the campaign to flourish only when the sender’s score is high. Verify email will help you maintain the score and ensure you reach out to the audience. Many people believe that the outreach tool of email is low and it does not connect with the new customers easily. The problem does not lie with email, the root cause of the problem is an old mailing list. Uninterested customers will never share the information with their friends or forward the email to their family members. Therefore, in order to enhance the communication mix, it is essential that the mailing list is cleaned regularly to ensure that a high deliverability rates, which will further enhance the reach of the marketing campaign. Reaching out to customer is difficult, but with an effective email marketing, the goal is not too far.

Compel a call to action

Email has the capacity to reach a broad swath of customers and compel them to complete a call to action. This is again possible only if the mailing list is cleaned and email validation is done regularly. Customers who never opted-in for the newsletter will never click on the links provided within the mail. Therefore, you need to work on the customer acquisition strategy and ensure that the mailing list is cleaned.