Email Validation Prevents Spamming

Spam is an ongoing issue, troubling millions of people worldwide and causing heavy losses both in terms of money and resources. And, if you are an email marketer, you need to be extremely careful because a higher spam rate reduces the sender’s score thereby reducing the deliverability to a great extent. When emails are not being delivered to the customers, revenue will not be generated causing monetary losses. Verify email will help you remove the spammers from the mailing list, ensuring that the list hygiene is maintained. You will also be shocked to know that an average person receives close to 100 emails as spam on a daily basis, therefore, you need to think twice before sending an email to the customer.

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Here are a few reasons, why customers filter your messages as spam.

1. Content is poor

Good and well-written content speaks to the customers and if you jeopardize the content of newsletter, you are going to lose out on the potential customers. Send relevant, crisp and succinct content to the intended target audience. Additionally, do not just send emails urging the customers to make a purchase, instead send useful information and create a bond with the customers, purchase will automatically follow it. Never drift away from the subject line otherwise customers will drift away from the marketing campaign. Email address verification will come in handy, but not when the content is poorly written.

2. Customers signed up for something else

While asking for a customer’s subscription ensure that you clearly define your business goals, so that the customer can set the expectation accordingly. Many a times, companies use the email in a way a customer wouldn’t expect leading to a higher spam rate. Additionally, if goals are clearly defined to the intended target audience, the mailing list will only comprise of genuine customers.

3. Frequency is too high

Frequency of emails being sent to the customer also decides the fate of the email marketing campaign. Sending five to six emails per day is a great way of getting marked as spam. Send emails and newsletters only when absolutely necessary.