Email Validation Mistakes That Every Marketer Make

Email marketing is a cost effective tool when it comes to reaching out to potential customers. Companies cannot go from door to door enlightening the readers about their products and services. This is where the role of email marketing comes into the picture. And, no marketing campaign is successful without email validation because it helps in cleaning the marketing list. However, marketers commit mistakes, which can ruin their efforts. Here are a few mistakes to avoid.

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Lack of permission

Sending product messages to customers who have not subscribed for receiving emails is the most common mistake overlooked by many companies. Unsolicited messages are considered as spam and readers never take the pain of reading such messages. It diminishes the response rate and adversely affects the overall reputation. And, when the complaint rates increases, you get blacklisted by the ISPs, which ruins all your marketing efforts. Therefore, never send any email without the consent of the customer, otherwise you’ll end in the spam folder. Also, remember to use email address verification to clean the mailing list on a regular basis.

Improper segmentation

Sending irrelevant information to the readers irks the customers to know extent and this primarily happens because of improper segmentation. Improper segmentation reduces the success rate of email marketing and affects the reputation. Non-segmented email messages are totally ineffective and are prone to ignorance. Ultimately, improper segmentation results in reduced open rate, which lower the overall marketing performance. You’ll be benefitted from segmenting the readers on multiple parameters like gender, geographic location and age. Listing the audience correctly is essential to capture their attention.

Not focusing on list building

Your email list is an asset and you need to focus on crafting an authentic marketing list. Focus on building list using customer acquisition techniques, which attracts only genuine readers. Without a list, your messages will only reach the spam folder. However, remember to clean the list using verify email to connect with the potential readers.

As a marketer, try not to commit the above-mentioned mistakes and reach the hearts of your readers.