Email Validation – A Silent Killer forEverything that Reduces ROI

When a business decides to leverage email marketing to reach out to a potential user base, it is extremely necessary to maintain a healthy sender’s reputation with the ISP. A lower sender reputation can affect the email deliverability, which in turn will reduce the ROI. And, ROI plays a major role in deciding whether the campaign is successful or not. A low ROI means that you are spending far too much on the marketing campaign than you are generating revenue. A low revenue is a clear measure of extremely unsatisfactory response from the customers. Therefore, increasing the ROI is as essential as creating high quality content for the newsletters. And, under such scenarios verify email and email address validation will come to your rescue.


What should be done?

A reader will care to scan through the newsletter only if he/she believes the newsletter will brighten their day. The online landscape is continually evolving which gives way to unwanted email addresses, spam traps and spam bots. With this landscape, following the traditional best practices of email marketing will alone never suffice. In order to safeguard the list thoroughly implement the upcoming practice of email validation. Through email validation, you can easily remove the unwanted addresses and can successfully maintain a healthy database and improve the sender reputation as well. The email address verification companies are equipped with the latest tools and technologies which will help them identify the spam traps and malicious email addresses. These companies, in short, are ROI killers which will you gain and boost the morale of the whole marketing campaign.

Why is email validation essential?

These companies have worked for a long time and they know the business inside out. Additionally, an ISP will develop a more sophisticated defense to continue the ever going battle with the spammers and spam bots. There is no point getting in a crossfire with the ISP as in the end your reputation will be at stake. With email validation you can effectively reduce the number of emails that are triggered to invalid addresses.