Email Unsubscribes- Are They Good or Bad?

Email unsubscribes plays an important role in deciding the success of your email marketing campaign, but it is often misunderstood and misinterpreted by marketers. You need to create a hassle free experience for readers wishing to leave your newsletter. However, most of the time unsubscribe does not mean an end to your relationship with the readers. You can carry out a reengagement campaign to win back your old customers. Focus on reducing the number of unsubscribe as it affects your deliverability. Use email address verification to remove customers who are dormant and more likely to leave the marketing campaign in the near future. Here are a few ways to reduce unsubscribes and attract your readers.



Why Unsubscribes are good?

Once a reader decides to leave the marketing campaign, as a marketer unsubscribe is the leading option you can provide because if the customer filters the message as spam, it would become difficult to build your online reputation. When a customer deletes your email messages without reading, the effectiveness of your email is reduced and you will end up wasting your money. Additionally, every time a customer clicks the unsubscribe button, your ISPs rating is not affected, but when the reader filters the message as spam, your sender’s reputation is hurt badly.

Why you should not fear unsubscribes?

When a customer leaves your newsletter, they are likely to leave a feedback and tell you the reason for leaving. The feedback you obtain can be used to correct the mistakes in the existing marketing campaign and you can also learn about the preferences of your customers. Moreover, unsubscribes works as a cleaning tool because readers who are not interested automatically leaves without using email verifier. The more people opt-out, the more useful will be your email marketing list. Additionally, deliverability to other readers is enhanced as customers who are not interested in your newsletters automatically leave the marketing campaign. If customers are unable to opt-out, they are likely to filter your messages as spam.

Email validation will help you prevent spam and ensure better email deliverability.