Email Marketing Methods to Grow 3x Subscribers

Email marketing is the leading way to drive revenue and marketers consider email as their strongest performing channel. Your email list is the base of a strong foundation without which you can never reach the target audience. Additionally, email converts better than social and organic platforms. And, if you want real dollars in your pocket, you need to use email marketing in the correct way. Focus on using different tactics and apply them slowly to reach the heart of your audience. Growing your subscriber list is essential to keep your audience connected. However, clean the mailing list using email verifier to remove the inactive subscribers. Here are a few potential ways to grow 3x subscribers.

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Contextual content offer

If you’re a conventional marketer, you will put your opt-in box at the end of every post. Your readers are likely to ignore the opt-in box. Therefore, you need to create a normal blog post and lock this content behind an opt-in firewall. Such content pieces are called content upgrades as it helps you attract the attention of the readers. Your readers have already read a part of the content and will give their email address to read the extension of the content. Content upgrades are slowly gaining popularity as it is helping marketers build an authentic email list. However, remember to check the email addresses using email address validation to connect with people who are interested in your content.

Place the opt-in at the right place

Placing your opt-in form at one place will never help you attract the readers because you need to place it everywhere. Therefore, place your opt-in box at the top of the page, bottom of the post and the sidebar. Another popular location to place your opt-in box is the slider box at the bottom of the page. Slider box usually attracts the attention of the readers. This box pop up whenever the readers reach the bottom of the page.

Convince readers to subscribe

You need to convince the readers by providing out-of-box content and offers to the readers. Today, customers do not share their email addresses easily.

Therefore, use email validation to maintain a clean marketing list.