Email List Cleaning Software Comparison

Time to time we get questions on what makes our software which is web-based better than the traditional desktop software which you can usually purchase for a one-off price. This is our answer to that question. We reveal on what makes our software better than your traditional downloadable email list cleaning software products that are out there in the market.

Email List Cleaning Comparison

1) Your IP is out of sight

Every job we process makes use of our own IP address. Your IP address is put out of the harms way. This obviously not only upholds your privacy but also saves you the trouble from getting banned by your Internet service provider.

2) Our Technology & Processes

Having it developed over many years, we know the ins and outs. There are techniques we use that are not known yet in the industry. Consider it as industry secrets. We have relationships with ESPs that allow validating at much faster pace than any of our competitors. We have intelligent spam trap indicators that allow us to predict highly accurately whether a particular email address is highly like to be a spam-trap. We have complainers database which is comprehensive. This helps in alleviating those addresses where you are highly likely to receive a complaint from.

3) Sheer Speed

Since our software is our private cloud, it keeps your data safe and at the same time allow us to expand rapidly depending on the number of jobs we are processing. Your local computer cannot match the sheer speed of our servers. When you download an email list cleaning software, it’s using your own computer resources to process the job. Us, on the other hand, use our own servers to process the job not only with great speed but with great accuracy as well. The software you download may start validating simultaneously and reach the point where ESPs start blocking your connections. This will make the software mark your emails as being invalid when they aren’t actually blocked. They just weren’t able to reach the ESP for validation.

4) Latest & Greatest

With software, there is an issue with constant updates. Most developers push it every 3-4 months and some even years. With us, you will always use the latest and greatest of our software since we constantly push bug fixes, better techniques, validation algorithms and much more. This is highly unlikely to happen on your desktop software and therefore gives us that upper edge in terms of the competition we face from them. Our project methodology allows us to make use of this advantage we have and push updates almost every single day so each job gets verified more accurately than ever.

5) Feature Set

If you look at the features we offer, the integrations, the API, your traditional software vendor simply cannot match it. This is because it’s challenging to achieve our feature set on traditional desktop cleaning software. For example, API requires you to have a fast set of servers ready to take on requests from 1000s of customers. Software vendors tend to avoid that and therefore fail to provide you with service you expect it to. We are web-based and we are always online. This allows us to expand our features in much bigger horizon than anyone else can.

6) Personalized Support

Personalized support is something we have evolved with. We realized that with any great software, a strong support team is required to make user experience enjoyable. This is what we are all about. We try our best to provide the best support you can get and timely help when you need it. We extend our channels to live chat, comprehensive documentation, videos, and obviously through ticketing process. All this helps us gain customers who end up having that enjoyable they desire from great software providers. Your traditional email verification software provider simply cannot match this.

7) Simplicity

This is something we focus on a lot. We try to keep everything as simple as possible. If you see our verification process, it’s nicely split into 4 simple steps. You drag and drop your email list, select the options you like, see how much it’s costing you, and hit the “proceed” button. Done! This is all it takes to start verifying your email list and getting results almost instantaneously. We are constantly striving to achieve that “wow” effect from our customers. With traditional desktop, this is harder to achieve because the installing process itself is quite lengthy and there are so many icons and buttons which people find hard to move around in.

There are obviously 100’s of reasons why we have greater advantage over traditional desktop applications but hopefully these few reasons are good enough to switch you over from Desktop software to Cloud-based software. Try our online email verifier now.