Email Lifecycle and List Cleaning – A Peculiar Relationship

Email lifecycle is the stage at which a customer subscribes to the email marketing campaign. A new customer is likely to join the campaign as a potential customer. And, if you send the same newsletter to new joiners, it will neither be exciting nor motivating for these people to stay as a part of the marketing campaign. The result would lead to a high un-subscription and deliverability issues. Your list will get hampered and you will regularly need to update the addresses.



Where does list cleaning coming come into the picture?

The main aim of list cleaning is to remove unwanted email addresses. You can utilize the services of email verifier companies and use email address validation to regularly clean your list. Take for example, if you are an AC servicing company and a customer joins the newsletter, if you keep sending emails to customer relating to buying a new AC, a customer is less likely to get attracted. In contrast, if you send newsletters related to ratings of different ACs and send it to customers, they will get attracted to the campaign. And, once the customer gets attracted, the list will be cleaned and the efforts of email address verifier will be less and they can provide you better services. You can send promotional emails to the customers once the season for AC begins. In this way you can entice the customers, build long term relationships and ensure an error free email list. With this effort list cleaning will become a simpler and easier task to accomplish.

Why concentrate on email lifecycle?

The main idea that you need to focus is on the lifecycle of the customer. Content tracking at each level of the mail marketing is of extreme importance. You need to understand the customer’s mind and ensure the requirements of all the customers are met to the maximum level. Once the transition of the customers begins from one phase to the other, it will become easy for everyone as you will send the right messages to the right customers.

List cleaning is simple! Stay cleaned and updated always!!