Email Deliverability: The Good and the Ugly

Email marketing is undoubtedly the leading way to attract customers and you can easily build a large user base. Customers who once become a part of the email campaign stays forever in the mailing list. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that emails are delivered to customers and the email through which the newsletter are triggered is not marked as spam. Spam rate decreases the sender’s reputation and ensure that marketing campaign is not affected in any plausible way. Email deliverability is enhanced with email validation as it removes unwanted customers from the mailing list.

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1. The Good Side

A good marketer is one who always triggers emails to customers who have legitimately joined and agreed to receive the newsletter from the company. The legitimate ways of acquiring customers are forms and trade shows. Once an email address is obtained in a legitimate way, the need of email address verification is less as customers tend to show interest in the marketing newsletter. Therefore, as a marketer, if you are looking to build a long term relationship with the customers, you should always follow double opt-in process and ensure that customers are willing to join the marketing campaign. A happy customers always lead to word-of-mouth publicity, which indirectly increases the revenue and the customer base. Email deliverability is essential for the marketing campaign to become successful. Additionally, good marketers never send an old and engaged list without having prior permission from the customers. The documentation process and the opt-in process are necessary for the mailing frequency.

2. The Ugly Side

The ugly side will be witnessed by marketers who are basically doing everything wrong. Purchase list makes portrays your image as a spammer and being a spammer is not at all healthy for the email marketing campaign. A purchased list is basically a dead list and you are going to unnecessarily waste your investment. Additionally, you will have to scrub the mailing list on a regular basis and ensure that the customers who are a part of the campaign are genuinely interested.