Email deliverability and the Myths Surrounding it

More than one of every five commercial email messages are either blocked or lands in the junk folder. And, depending upon your business, deliverability can become a key issue, thereby reducing the revenue generated. Unfortunately, mailbox service providers do not provide a specific reason for an email not reaching the inbox of the customer. You have to fall, get up and learn all by yourself. Keeping the marketing list clean using email verifier is a great way to improve and maintain the deliverability rate. Lack of information and changing rules have given rise to a plethora of email deliverability myths. Here are a few myths you need to overlook.


Stop mailing subscribers who are inactive

Throwing a lot of good email addresses along with the bad ones is definitely not the correct choice because the issue might be due to a technical fault. Instead of removing readers who have not interacted for a long time, you need to find out the root cause. If your messages are being filtered based on the engagement rate, you have to send more messages. And, before permanently blacklisting a customer, send a reactivation campaign with incredible offers. Give your customers a second chance because acquiring new customers is a lot costlier than engaging the existing ones.

Email deliverability is not crucial

Many mailbox providers are filtering messages based on the engagement level of a particular subscriber. Subscribers who do not engage with a particular brand are more likely to receive the message in the junk folder. And, because of these changing rules, marketers overlook the importance of email deliverability. They assume that subscribers who like the content will definitely open, click and convert. Email deliverability is a crucial tool inbox placement and sender’s reputation is completely dependent upon it. A low reputation will never result in a high deliverability rate.  Clean the marketing list using email validation to improve the delivery.

Measure your inbox placement to determine whether you have a problem or not. Develop reports focusing on your open and click through rate. Achieving an optimal rate of inbox placement is difficult, but email address verification can lessen your efforts.