Email Acquisition Strategies for Email List Building

Soaring click-through rates, high ROI and an authentic mailing list are few moments when an email marketer feels proud of their success. Every strategy you follow determine the success and failure of the marketing campaign. Pulling in qualified leads through a proven acquisition method will help you build an authentic mailing list, which is essential to build a long-term relationship. Additionally, a cleaned list ensures a high conversion and deliverability rates. The engagement rate is maintained and spam complaints are less. Low spam complaints are essential as it improves the sender’s reputation. Additionally, you can use email validation to ensure zero bounces. Here are few email acquisition strategies, which will help you achieve the ultimate marketing goal.


Request, but never steal

Stealing email addresses of the customer from a rented or purchased mailing list is a bad acquisition strategy which will lead to permanent blocking by the ISPs. Additionally, you will have to clean the mailing list using email verifier to reach out to the potential customers and avoid hard bounces. You can request the email addresses on your landing pages, social media messages, customer service phone calls and in-store checkout. Requesting the email address from the customer will create a positive first impression and you will be able to convert potential customers to leads.

Create shareable content

The more your email is shared, the larger your database will grow. You need to send intriguing eBooks, Whitepapers and case studies to ensure that customers share the content with their friends and family members. Timely blogs and relevant post to the customers will also generate interest in the minds of the customers. You need to ensure that the content is shareable and informative. Therefore, start enticing the customers today and increase your sales.

During trade shows and festivals you can offer an easy way to the signup and welcome the customer to the trade show and festivals. You can offer discounts and freebies to the customers and ensure the news about the free giveaway spread to the target audience.