Effectively Growing the Email List for Your Startup

By nature, a newly formed startup lacks money, resources and team members. And, the aim of every startup is to grow as soon as possible. Marketers don’t have resources and growing a business rapidly is an extremely demanding task. As a startup, you cannot start by overwhelming the customers, you need to narrow your approach to increase your subscription base. And, growing an email list for a startup is extremely essential as loyal customers are extremely necessary. Focus on cleaning the mailing list using email verifier to remove the inactive and dormant readers.

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Get rid of unneeded opt-in forms

You need to keep your email marketing app in complete synchronization with your website. This means that people already on your email list should not see the opt-in forms again. You need to promote your subscribers and sell your products to them. If these subscribers see your opt-in form, they are likely to get irritated. You need to create an algorithm such that your existing customers are not asked again to join your newsletter. However, remember to scrub the marketing list using email address validation to reach the target audience.

Use transactional emails

These are automated messages, which are triggered by some sort of action by the customer. For example, if your readers have left something in the cart, you can send an email reminding them about the item in the cart. Open rates for transactional emails are usually three to four times higher than the normal email messages. You can even put a link to the sign-up form in the transactional email to witness far more customer engagement. Focus on using different and unique methods of attracting the readers to your newsletter.

Collect email addresses in person at events

You need not run behind the digital forms to attract and grow your email list. People attending real life events have already shown that they are interested in your brand. These events are a perfect opportunity to build the marketing list. In fact, such email addresses can be the prime leads for your business.

Focus on using email validation on a regular basis to increase your email list.