Dormant Email Addresses.. To Mail or Not to Mail?

Dormant customers or email addresses are those people who have not bothered to reply to your email marketing campaign and have not opened or clicked any newsletters that you send. Depending upon the number of times you send the email to the customers the click rate, frequency of such customers would be less and chances are there that they might not have bothered to open the newsletters for a month or a few weeks.


The big question, which boggles the mind of every email marketer is whether to send mails to such customers or not. You will find the answer to these questions below:

1. Reactivation campaign

Such campaigns will bring the best out of the dormant mail addresses. The reactivation campaign will give you one more chance to connect with such customers. You can entice the customers using discounts and know the reason why they actually left the campaign. Once you know the reason you can work on it and ensure that the reason is eliminated and such people are ready to become a part of the marketing campaign once again. The reactivation will also help you improve the whole newsletters as you will be receiving a lot of genuine feedback from the customer. And, even if this effort fails and you receive no response, you can scrub these customers from the mailing list. You can additionally try to send less frequent emails to such customers.

2. Use email validation service provider

The use of email validation service provider will help you get rid of dormant emails addresses even before they become inactive. The service providers will carry out an in-depth analysis of the mailing list, ensuring that people who have even the slightest chance of coming back to the campaign are a part of the list for at least a few weeks. They will closely monitor the activities and the click rate of these customers and will take a decision about their existence on the mailing list. Email verifier is widely used and has helped a plethora of email marketers to achieve success and ensure the brand image of the company remains intact.