Dealing With the Spam Folder Using Email Validation

Spam has captured the whole internet world including the email. From phishing messages to link to viruses, spam has affected millions of email users across the world. More than half of the email being spent to the customer land up in the spam folder because of some reason or the other. You will lose out on conversions and revenue if your messages are filtered as spam. Email validation is one tool which will help you reduce the spam complaints and follow the CAN-SPAM rule effectively. The following tips will help you deal with the spam folder and connect with your target audience.


Follow the golden rule of Double opt-in

The leading way to stay out of the spam folder is following the golden rule of double opt-in. The double opt-in rule ensures that emails are sent to customers who actually want to receive information from your end. You need to understand that a plethora of marketers think that once they acquire an email address of a customer, they can send emails as when they like. But, doing that puts your email marketing campaign at a huge risk of being flagged as spam by the customers. A double opt-in will ensure you have all the required rights to send an email and follow all the rules of the CAN-SPAM law.

Keep the mailing list clean

Subscribers usually filter the email as spam, if they cannot remember signing up for the marketing campaign. Therefore, it is essential to keep the mailing list clean and maintain a fresh database of customers. Email list can be cleaned using an email verifier. One more reason customers flag the email as spam is that after initial signup, you do not send emails to the customers for a long period of time. The customer seems to forget and validate the true nature of the sender. Therefore, it is essential to send regular messages to the customers and keep the mailing list clean on a regular basis.

Never send the email in all capital letters as the ESP will automatically filter the message as spam.