Dealing with Spam Reports

The entire email marketing plan is foiled due to some annoying recipients marketing the newsletter or email as spam. Under such a scenario protecting the sender’s score is of utmost importance. Before, dealing with spam reports, you need to understand the reasons for subscribers complaining. Read ahead to understand the reasons why customers complain.

Why customers complain?

The major reasons why complain about any email marketing program are as follows:

1. The customers actually never signed or agreed to receive mail from the senders. The customers find such emails as irrelevant and they do not have any option except for reporting the newsletters as spam.

2. The number of emails sent to the customers is too high and the customers get irked by the frequency of the newsletters.

3. The content of the email is irrelevant and it is not as per the expectations of the targeted audience. Any deviation from what was initially promised to the customers is sure to land the email marketing campaign in deep trouble.

How to reduce the spam complaints?

1. Sending newsletters and emails to only customers who are interested in the campaign will help you drastically reduce the chances of a customer marking the email as spam. Therefore, if you have an option of double opt-in, you can provide proof of not violating the spam laws and you can show it to the ISP to improve the sender’s reputation. Double opt-in will also give a chance to the customers to think twice before agreeing to something.


2. Email address validation and verify email are two tools which help you effectively fight spammers as you will get rid of customers who are either inactive or dormant. Once the mailing list is cleaned, the spam rates will automatically reduce thereby increasing the email deliverability rates. The number of spam reported by the customers adversely affects the whole email marketing campaign.

3. Segmenting the mailing list will help you send relevant content to the intended target audience. The segmentation will help you send newsletters and updates according to the interest of the customers.