Creative Ways of Growing the Email List

A plethora of marketers, finds it difficult to grow their email list owning too many issues they face during the customer acquisition method. Any email marketing campaign is incomplete without an email list because it forms a strong foundation and helps you connect with the desired audience. Whatever may be your customer acquisition method, you need to clean the marketing list using email verifier to improve the open and click-through rate. Time and again you have read about different methods to grow your email list, but use these creative methods of growing your list.

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Place an irresistible offer on your homepage

In addition to providing updates and news relating to your business, offer something completely different to the readers. Placing an irresistible offer on the first page a customer visit will help you build a strong marketing list. To encourage signup, you need to tell the subscribers you value their presence. Offers and promotional items in the form of eBooks, discount offers and webinars attract many readers to the website. Remember to keep the offer in-line with your marketing strategy to reap benefits in the future.

Regularly update your blog

Your blog is the first thing, which can capture the attention of the target readers and they’ll surely come back, if they like your content. And, if you forget to update the blog with interesting information, subscribers are less likely to read the content. To encourage signup, you can place a call-to-action in your article and wrap it up with an attractive pop-up box. Whenever a reader, clicks the link, the pop-up box appears asking for the email address. However, remember to clean the mailing list using email address verification on a regular basis to remove the inactive and dormant accounts.

Use a scroll-triggered box

Many readers find the pop-up box obstructive as it hampers their readability. For such customers, you can use a scroll-triggered box, which is an effective way to get the email addresses of the customers. You can place the box in a particular corner of the page when readers scroll down the article.

Email validation will help you maintain a clean marketing list.