Cost of an Email List

Even though email marketing produces the highest ROI, marketers are always on a lookout for squeezing their marketing budget. Squeezing the budget at the cost of degrading or lowering the reputation is definitely not the right choice to make. Your sender’s reputation is completely based upon the email list because if the mailing list is free from inactive and unwanted subscribers, it will result in more number of bounce rates and spam complaints. You need to clean the mailing list on a regular basis using email address verification to ensure such customers are removed from the marketing list altogether.



Factors influencing the cost

Obviously, it is unruly to spend a six figure amount on simply creating an email marketing campaign because you are wasting the hard earned money. The cost of an email list depends on whether you are acquiring the mailing list through legitimate ways or purchasing the marketing list from a third party vendor. When email lists are purchased the cost is high because first you pay for buying the list and then you send confirmation messages to the subscribers seeking their permission to send product related information. Additionally, you will have to spend a lot on cleaning the list using email verifier as the database would be full of spam bots and spam traps. The cost of list cleaning using email validation is reduced when customers are acquired naturally because customers have willingly agreed to receive information from your end. Ensure the full value of your investment before choosing the cleaning the database.

Elements affecting success

The cost of an email list is compensated by higher ROI, if the messages are delivered, opened and read by the target readers. When choosing an email list focus on quality analysis to acquire customers who are genuinely interested in receiving communication from your end. Under performing in this aspect will definitely lower the overall investment. You will handicap all your efforts, if the mailing list results in high bounce rates and spam complaints. Retrieving the lost sender’s reputation is impossible as you have jumped the spam limits set by the ISPs.