Compliance Term of Email Validation

Email validation not only assists in the growth of email marketing campaign, but also improves the brand value and image in front of the customers. Email compliance will further add five stars to the existing marketing campaign, ensuring that the message reaches the target audience without offending the ISP and the email service provider. In this post, you will come 3 major email compliance terms. These terms are directly related to the customer acquisition methods. You will also learn about the pros and cons of using the different customer acquisition strategy.


1. Single Opt-in

One of the most common type of method used by marketers to acquire customers is the single opt-in. With single-opt in process the customers are added to the database directly because they just have to fill a simple web form. Single opt-in form gives you the leverage to send emails to the customers instantly and the communication can begin as soon as a customer fills the form. However, you will be collecting email addresses which are invalid or expired. And, if emails are triggered to these addresses, the sender’s reputation is spoiled to a great extent. Therefore, when you use single opt-in as a customer acquisition strategy, use verify email to clean the mail list. Email validation will help achieve the desired standard of compliance.

2.Confirmed Opt-in

The confirmed opt-in customers belong to a different league of people altogether. If a prospect does not engage with the company within a certain period of time, the customers are removed automatically from the mailing list. This method helps marketer remove customers who sign up for the campaign, but never bother to make a purchase or click a single link sent to them during the course of the marketing campaign. It helps you focus on customers who are potential long-term buyers and focus less on those who never cared about the product and the offerings of the business.

3. Confirmed Opt-in

It is a strategy which will ensure that the database is cleaned and comprises of customers who are legitimately interested in receiving email from your company. It will help you maintain a clean database.