Cleaning Your Email Data

Data cleaning is the heart and soul of email marketing and it helps you get rid of non-deliverable data elements and easily eliminates email based traps, third party seeds and secondary moles. The removal of these types of data reduces the hard and soft bounces and increases the deliverability rate of the email marketing campaign. It will also help you improve the sender reputation, response rates and deliverability. Once the hard bounces and complaints are minimized, the campaign becomes a success as it reaches only to the customers who are genuinely interested in the offerings.


1. Email Validation is the soul

A majority of email validation services compare the data list to the already existing blacklist, however, it is a flawed approach because the traditional blacklists are outdated, static and are rarely updated by the providers. Instead, if the data is compared against the real time broadcast feedback during the cleaning time. Verify email is a tool, which will help you achieve the email marketing goals and this model of email address validation will help you catch newly created and current traps. Once these traps are captured, you can easily connect with the customers and increase both the sales and revenue.

2. Cleaning is secure and extremely cost-effective

Always select an email validation company, which does not store cache data in the database. Privacy is the key and forms the backbone of email validation. The list cleaning process is extremely secure and the data are never sent to the mailing list without your consent. The services are cost-effective and improves the response rate and eliminates data which is not required, thereby helping you save money in the process. With the use of the list cleaning services, you can improve the inbox placement and deliverability to a great extent.

You can eliminate seeds, fake data and honeypots from the email data without worrying about the deliverability to the customer. Cleaning the data regularly will ensure zero to minimal false positives, thereby you can create an authentic mailing list.