Building Your Email List Quickly

One of the greatest asset of email marketing is the email list. While proper management and a clean list garners revenue, it’s extremely challenging to create a healthy list. With the growing inbox clutter, customers are more careful in providing their email address because unwanted communication in the inbox is a waste of time. Fortunately, there is a plethora of ways to create an effective email marketing list. You can use both offline and online tactics to attract readers to your website. However, use email verifier on a regular basis to remove unwanted and incorrect email addresses. Here are a few ways of quickly building an email list.


Word of mouth

Marketers should capitalize word of mouth publicity by offering small incentives and discounts to people who are a part of the list for quite some time. You need to allow the visitors to forward products, services, information and wish list to their friends. This tactic will work well with customers who have recently joined your campaign because they are excited about creating a noise. Tapping into this enthusiasm is essential and you can provide an opportunity for referral. Offer discounts to customers who refer their friends and family members. However, remember to regularly scrub the list using email address validation to stay connected with the loyal customers.

Offer a free gift with any purchase

To encourage offline subscription, consider offering a free product with their next purchase, if the reader provides their email address. You can send the link to the free coupon to their email address. If the email address provided is correct, the reader is likely to claim the free product. Additionally, let the customers know what to expect in terms of email frequency and content because no one wants to receive messages without any purpose. Focus on using methods that strikes with the readers to gather their email address.

During a customer service call

Customers are highly receptive during any service calls and you have their full attention. You can leverage this opportunity and request their email address for sending information.

However, always focus on building a permission based email marketing list and clean it using email validation.