Building Your Email List Organically

Today, email marketing is a powerful tool for marketing your products and services to the target readers. But, a plethora of marketers does not know from where to start. If done in a strategic manner, the platform is capable of yielding the highest acquisition rate surpassing social media marketing. Other great thing about email marketing is that it is call-to-action driven and you can analyze the results minutely. While growing the list organically is important, keeping the list clean using verify email is even more important. Marketers find it difficult to build their mailing list, which is free from fake email addresses. Here are a few ways of organically growing your email list.



Create a reason to opt-in

Nothing comes for free, not even the email addresses of the target audience. Customers need a solid reason for joining your newsletter and they need assurance that they are signing up for something useful, which will definitely add value to their life. A great way to entice the readers is by offering access to exclusive content, whose access they receive upon signing up for the newsletter. Making anything exclusive adds a little bit of curiosity in the minds of the customers and they willingly share their email addresses. You can even provide a discount code for an opt-in. Customers love discount and if your product adds value to their life, the readers are sure to spread the information. However, remember to regularly update the mailing list using email validation to ensure no fake email address find its way.

Create content upgrade

Another interesting way to organically build the mailing list is by providing a content upgrade option to the readers. If the reader likes a particular piece of content and want to further read the extension, they need to provide their email address to gain access to the premium content. You are actually capturing the already engaged readers and adding them to your email list. Content upgrade is a great way of reaching prospects who can turn into long term customers.

Remember to use email address verification on a regular basis to avoid any pitfalls.