Are You Committing These Mistakes In Your Email List?

Bloggers and marketers who understand the importance of captive audience focus on creating an authentic email list. It is the best way of getting the readers take an action you want them to take. But, still many bloggers commit the basic mistakes and fail to reach the target audience. Without a strong customer base, you will be sending messages to people who are either unaware about your brand or has zero interest in receiving information from your end. Focus on building an email list organically for a loyal customer base. However, remember to scrub the marketing list using verify email. Here are a few mistakes you might not be aware about.

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Your free offer isn’t worth

A lot of people think that adding a one page free pdf is more than sufficient to entice the readers to sign up for the newsletter. But, most of the newsletters today are accompanied by some free bonus for signing up. Think hard about the freebies you offer to the readers, it should line up with the content and information they receive from your blog. You can offer anything from a freebie to free webinar or an exclusive subscriber only content. Additionally, use your blog statistics to understand, which posts perform best. Pay attention to what your readers ask on social media to further entice the readers.

Your landing page is not for your marketing list

A smart landing page for your email list is a great way to persuade the readers to sign up for the newsletter. If your subscribers are not happy with the landing page and is incapable of attracting readers, the landing page is definitely not meant for your email list. Strong landing pages attract customers and help building a strong customer base. Focus on using email address verification to build a loyal base of customers.

You let robots write the messages

Using default text in all your welcome messages will surely turn away customers. You need to spark the interest of the readers using the welcome messages. Therefore, focus on creating messages that are written by humans and will help you attract a large clientele base.

Focus on using email validation to improve the performance of your marketing campaign.